Welcome to Hooks Fishing Team

We Catch 'em, God Cleans 'em

Hooks Fishing Team offers a simple Christian ministry along with  fishing techniques for teens. Our goal is to offer some motivation and basic ideas on how to live daily as a Christian while sharing some fishing techniques.

This includes:

  • Christian Growth classes

  • Daily quiet and prayer time

  • Telling others about God

  • Understanding God's will

  • Christian fellowship

  • Fishing instruction and techniques

  • Bass fishing

  • Rod and reel combos


Are you controlled by the
Master Fisherman?


Did you know?

Christian teens are like fishing hooks because...

  • Hooks sitting on shelves will not catch any fish. 

  • Hooks that are dull cannot be effective. 

  • Hooks not tied correctly cannot be strong. 

  • Hooks are created for a specific purpose...to catch fish!
    God created you with a specific purpose in mind...to be fishers of men!  -Matthew 4:19 

  • Hooks must have the right equipment to be successful...rod, reel, line and lure.

  • You too must have the right "equipment" in order to realize your fullest potential in God's will...Salvation, Prayer, Bible, Church and Christian fellowship.

Not sure if you are saved?  Contact us TODAY and we will show you from the Bible how you can know for sure that you are going to heaven.

Thank you for visiting HOOKS web pages.

HOOKS Fishing Team is a simple ministry for teens that was created to go above and beyond in making a commitment for Christ and enjoy
the sport of fishing.  A hook was used to create a bright and colorful logo that can be sewn onto shirts and caps. Hopefully others will ask
"What is that?" giving us an opportunity to tell about Christ.

Activities and fishing schools will be planned during the year to teach Christians standards and fishing techniques.
We are excited for the teens that are going above and beyond in making a commitment for Christ. 
If you want to make a commitment to go above and beyond for Christ, contact us today.